All our Chicopee Trampolines are sewn using one of the heaviest sewing machines in the industry.

Our thread is highly UV resistant giving long life to our tramps.The Ferrari mesh fabrics are HF welded for even longer life.We use high quality eyelets for lacing. Trampolines can be made from our stock patterns or can be custom made to your specification

As standard we sew all of our trampolines in a V-138 weight UV stabilized bonded and lubricated polyester thread.

Teflon (Tenara) stitching is available as an option for an extra charge. Tenara brand Teflon thread by the W.L. Gore company has a 15 year warranty in the sun and will not fade or rot due to UV or chemical exposure. Our recommendation is to always keep your trampoline covered. It is the stitching that will be the first to fail on trampolines sewn in polyester thread. If you live North of latitude 28 and your boat lives on the beach Tenara thread will definitely pay off. If you are in Townsvile or Cairns definitely add Tenara thread to your new Manders Sails trampoline. If you are in Tasmania, don’t worry about it.

Racing Sails

We can fit your new sails to ensure the set-up is correct. We’ll show you how to tune your rig to ensure best possible performance.

Cruising Sails

A cruising sailor typically favours longevity over performance and does not need the extra speed achievable with exotic materials.

New or Repairs

We undertake all sail repairs; from complicated re-cuts to replacing UV Protective Covers and re-stitching.

Well-experienced Staff

When we team-up with our specialist riggers and manage the entire project for you, we deliver your job faster and cheaper. Call us today for a quote.

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We make Sails for all types of Yachts Catamarans and Dinghies, Trampolines for Catamarans New or Repairs, Replacement Shade Sails and Repairs.