We Make Sails For All Types Of Yachts

We care about life after Sales. Our Service and Repair department will provide you with all you need.

Manders Sails have been in business since 1966 and during that time have earned a countrywide reputation for bespoke racing, cruising, and multihull sails. All of our sails are custom designed for your boat and sailing conditions for performance and quality you can trust.

Sail repairs are always our number one priority. We understand how important your sailing time is and want to help you get back out onto the water as soon as possible. In most cases we can repair your sail and have it ready for you 24 hours after it arrives in the loft.

We repair all types of boat canvases and make new sail covers, dodgers, boat tops, winter covers and other fitted canvas articles. Contact us for prices of new canvas.

Racing Sails

We can fit your new sails to ensure the set-up is correct. We’ll show you how to tune your rig to ensure best possible performance.

Cruising Sails

A cruising sailor typically favours longevity over performance and does not need the extra speed achievable with exotic materials.

New or Repairs

We undertake all sail repairs; from complicated re-cuts to replacing UV Protective Covers and re-stitching.

Well-experienced Staff

When we team-up with our specialist riggers and manage the entire project for you, we deliver your job faster and cheaper. Call us today for a quote.

Some of Our Quality Suppliers